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The most efficient and secure way to trade OTC

Backed by

  • Balderton
  • Blue Yard
  • Brevan Howard
  • Coinbase
  • Ethereal Ventures
  • Fintech Collective
  • Inflection

and an amazing group of founders and operators

Competitive price auctions

Mauve's on-chain OTC runs competitive price auctions for your OTC order, giving you the best price.

Leading Market Makers

We aggregate quotes from leading market makers. Sign up with us once and get quotes from all of them.

On-chain escrow

With Mauve, you don't take any counterparty risks. Until settlement, your money stays in our escrow contract.

Cross-chain ready

Our OTC works across the entire Ethereum ecosystem including L2s. Solana & BTC native trades will follow.

AML compliant

Mauve is entirely AML compliant. All of our clients are subject to rigorous, continuous AML screening.

Alpha leakage protected

Our RFQ architecture obfuscates trade intentions and is thus protected from alpha leakage.