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The leading DEX for
Real World Assets_

Trade Trustless, Fully Compliant. Mauve is the first decentralized exchange with the compliance of traditional finance

Backed by

  • Balderton
  • Blue Yard
  • Brevan Howard
  • Coinbase
  • Ethereal Ventures
  • Fintech Collective
  • Inflection

and an amazing group of founders and operators

Real World Assets x DeFi

Mauve creates a unique environment to trade real-world assets. Asset issuers can offer assets with nuanced access controls to keep users safe.

An environment you can trust

Mauve's exchange protocol is only accessible to users that undergo rigorous, continuous AML checks. Built on top of Violet's privacy preserving compliance credentials.

Your keys
Your coins

Mauve is non custodial. We can never never take custody of your funds.

Stake & Earn

Earn passive income with your crypto by providing liquidity in an AMM DEX. All 100% transparent and without giving up ownership.

The future of DeFi is compliant

Are you a business that wants to offer non custodial & compliant crypto trading to your users?